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Coverage of Heidi’s Campaigns

Feb. 2012 Primary - Channel 3000

Feb. 2012 Primary - Isthmus

Feb. 2012 Primary - Wisconsin State Journal

Wisconsin State Journal D2 Candidate Q&A March 2012

Endorsement by The Cap Times

Endorsed by Wisconsin State Journal - 2012

Election Victory in April 2012 - Channel 3000

Will People Power Defeat Scott Walker and His Cronies?  - John Nichols for The Nation

Cap Times Article - March 2014


Heidi is an Outspoken Advocate for Women’s Rights

No, Gov. Walker, ultrasounds are not ‘a cool thing’.

Co-sleeping advocates: Dane County's 'Share the room, not the bed' campaign too simple

Safe Conversations for Safe Sleep


Heidi’s Legislation Requires Mothers’ Rooms in County Buildings

WKOW - County to Designate Rooms for Nursing Mothers

National Association of Counties (NACO)

Isthmus 2015 Budget

Badger Herald

Cap Times

Letter to the Editor by Laura Berger


Heidi’s Pilot to Expand Access to Menstrual Products

Channel 3000


Opinion Column - Aaron Reilly in The Badger Herald

The Badger Herald

Wisconsin State Journal


Heidi is Committed to Fighting Poverty and Racial Disparities

Equal Opportunities Commission Holds Listening Session in Allied Drive

WPR - Creation of Dane County Poverty Commission

Questions on Racial Disparities in Dane County Juries


Heidi Opposed Funding for New Jail Proposal

Sup. Kiefer Thanks New Jail Opponents on Board


Heidi Supports Decriminalization of Cannabis and Ending the Failed, Racist War on Drugs

Dane County Lowers Pot Fines to $1




Heidi Opposes Corporate Welfare in Development Projects

Dane County Board could weigh in on Judge Doyle Square

Dane County Board could weigh in on Judge Doyle Square (Isthmus)


Heidi Opposes Cuts to UW

UW alums line up on both sides of Scott Walker's proposed budget cuts

Heidi Advocates for Human Services Funding and Open and Fair Budget Process

Human Services Funding and Open Budgeting

Critical of 2015 Budget Process


Heidi Led Budget Effort for Climate Change Planning

The Badger Herald

Heidi Fights for Workers’ Rights

Attacked by Right Wing Media for Participating in Labor Conference

Picketing Takara for Wage Theft

Protesting Fast Food Joints in the Fight for $15

Fighting to Maintain Union Laundry Contract

Letter with Supervisor Pan Calling on UW to Cut Ties with Jansport over Labor Abuses

Co-sponsor to Raise County Living Wage to $15/hr


Heidi Fights for the Human Right to Housing, More Resources to Combat Homelessness, and Against the Criminalization of Homelessness and Poverty


Pushing for Housing as a Human Right

Concerned with Lack of Affordable Units in New Downtown Development


Heidi’s Housing Advocacy Leads to Dane County Affordable Housing Development Fund

Promoting Housing First

Promoting Affordable Housing Development at Dane County Housing Summit

Support for Housing Fund in 2016 Budget

Badger Herald


      Heidi Speaks out Against State Attacks on Tenant Protections

Badger Herald - May 2014


Heidi Opposes Efforts to Criminalize Homelessness and Limit Access to Public Spaces

Support for Occupy Madison - April 2012

Nov. 2012 - WMC Coop

Churches Step Up to Fill in Holiday Homeless Services Gaps - Jan. 2014

City-County Homeless Issues Committee - Aug. 2014

Brenda's Porch and Criminalizing Homelessness  - Sept. 2014

Nowhere to Go - Dec. 2014

Discussing Occupy Madison and Homelessness - VOA Feb. 2015

Public Space at Philosopher's Grove - Aug. 2015

Opposing Mayor's Sit/Lie Ordinance - Sept. 2015

Badger Herald

Led Opposition to CCB Ban - Badger Herald Oct. 2015


Wisconsin State Journal

More Homeless Deaths? Channel 3000 - Dec. 2015


Heidi Works to Expand Personal Storage Options for Unhoused

Lockers in Parking Ramps - Wisconsin State Journal Oct. 2015

Minneapolis Star & Tribune


A Leading Voice for a Centrally Located Comprehensive Day Resource Center

Badger Herald - Oct. 2012

Badger Herald - Nov. 5, 2012

Badger Herald - Nov. 27, 2012

Badger Herald - April 2, 2012

Badger Herald - Jan. 19, 2014

Opposing Town of Madison Location - April 2014

DeForest Times-Tribune

My Mother's Day - May 2014   

Progressive Dane Blog

The Waunakee Tribune - May 21, 2014

My Budget Amendment for $4M Downtown Day Resource Center

Cap Times - May 3, 2014

WKOW - May 2014

McFarland Thistle

Cap Times, May 14, 2014

Cap Times, May 15, 2014

Cap Times, June 12, 2014

Cap Times - June 28, 2014

The Courier - July 9, 2014

The Courier - July 22, 2014

Cap Times - July 31, 2014

Badger Herald - Oct. 2, 2014

Stalled Martin St. Development Means Another Winter Without Day Resource Center

Town of Madison Wins Lawsuit Against County - Cap Times May 22, 2015

Fairchild Building - Wisconsin State Journal June 3, 2015

Neighborhood Reaction to Messner Site - Isthmus Oct. 8, 2015

Board Approval of Messner Purchase

    Daily Cardinal

    The Madison Times

The Arc

Sun Prairie Star

Possible Partnership with UW

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