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Media Coverage in 2020-2022 Term

Housing Justice 

Advocating for Tenants Facing Eviction (Nov 2021)

Major Housing Initiatives In 2022 Budget (Oct 2021)

Temporary and Permanent Housing Solutions (Aug 2021) 

Lifting Camping Restrictions in County Parks (Aug 2021)

Supporting a Purpose-Built Men’s Shelter (March 2021)

Supporting a Purpose Built Men’s Shelter (Feb 2021)

CDC Eviction Order Still Leaves Tenants Vulnerable (Jan 2021)

Pandemic Response, Public Health, and Access to Care

Health Care Workers Look to County Leaders for Help Addressing Trauma During the Pandemic  (Fox 47, Jan 2022)

Advocating for UW Student and Staff Safety During the Pandemic (Sept/Oct 2020)

Supporting COVID Relief for UW Students (Feb 2021)

Speaking out against the Chamber of Commerce’s Influence on Reopening (Aug. 2020)

Highlighting the Need for Rent Assistance During the Pandemic (Aug 2020)

Expressing Concern with Forward Dane Reopening Plan (May 2020)

Supporting Medicare for All (Nov 2020)

Opposing the Jail, Supporting Community Control of the Police, and Alternatives to Incarceration

Opposing Use of No-Knock Warrants (June 2021)

Opposing the Jail Consolidation Project (Feb 2021)

Removing Fees for Families Related to Juvenile Justice (Dec 2020)

2021 Budget Advocacy: Defunding Chemical Agents and Funding Behavioral Health Interventions (Nov 2020)

Advocating for Crisis Triage Center in 2021 Budget (Nov 2020)

Opposing Jail Consolidation Project (Sept 2020)

Supporting the Doyle Resolution to Halt the Jail (July 2020)

Denouncing Racist Press Release by Dane County Sheriff’s Office (July 2020)

Supporting Demands to Defund the Police (June 2020)

Opposing F-35s and Supporting Clean Water

Opposing Lines 3 and 5 (July 2021)

Fighting F-35s and for Clean Water (July 2021)

Speaking Out Against F-35s (June 2021)

Working with Sup. Chawla and Sup. Haasl to Try to Regulate PFAS (June 2021)

Opposing F35s (Feb 2021)

Campaign and Other Coverage

Working Families Party endorsement (Dec 2021)

Speaking Out Against Attacks on Consumers by UW Credit Union (June 2021)

Advocating for Digital Equity (April 2021)

Support for Madison Education Committee (Feb 2021)

Advocating for Expanding Public Comment Opportunities (April 2020)

Promoting Parks during the Pandemic (April 2020)


Older Media Coverage

Housing Justice

Fighting Criminalization of Homelessness

Opposing Jail Project

Making Government more Open, Inclusive and Accountable

Advancing Menstrual Equity

Zoning and Land Regulation Committee Work

  • County grants quarry permit - Cambridge News and Deerfield Independent, April 2018 (The vote on Tuesday, April 9 was 2-1 with committee members Jerry Bollig and Steven Peters voting yes and Heidi Wegleitner voting no.)

Creating Equitable Development in District 2 - Messner Property

Wisconsin's Importance in Defeating Trump

Coverage of Heidi’s Campaigns


Heidi is an Outspoken Advocate for Women’s Rights


Heidi’s Legislation Requires Mothers’ Rooms in County Buildings


Heidi’s Pilot to Expand Access to Menstrual Products


Heidi is Committed to Fighting Poverty and Racial Disparities


Heidi Opposed Funding for New Jail Proposal
Heidi Supports Decriminalization of Cannabis and Ending the Failed, Racist War on Drugs


Heidi Opposes Corporate Welfare in Development Projects


Heidi Opposes Cuts to UW

Heidi Advocates for Human Services Funding and Open and Fair Budget Process


Heidi Led Budget Effort for Climate Change Planning

Heidi Fights for Workers’ Rights


Heidi Fights for the Human Right to Housing, More Resources to Combat Homelessness, and Against the Criminalization of Homelessness and Poverty



Heidi’s Housing Advocacy Leads to Dane County Affordable Housing Development Fund
      Heidi Speaks out Against State Attacks on Tenant Protections


Heidi Opposes Efforts to Criminalize Homelessness and Limit Access to Public Spaces


Heidi Works to Expand Personal Storage Options for Unhoused


A Leading Voice for a Centrally Located Comprehensive Day Resource Center

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